Friday, March 23, 2012

Stash Update

Our camera recently stopped working. We bought a new one, but it didn't come with a memory card and isn't compatible with the one from the other camera. So, we have a memory card on the way.

This picture was taken after the old camera died, but before the new one arrived. That means, this picture was taken with my phone!

Since taking this picture, we've gotten a second hanging wetbag (the first isn't in the photo), new wipes from Sweetbobbins, bamboo inserts, and three Monkey Snuggles fitteds. We have another Monkey Snuggles fitted on the way, along with wool! So excited.
We don't use the Lovely Pocket diapers (bottom left) or the Happy Heiny's (bottom right). The fitted and prefolds on the bottom are newborn, so they are out of use as well. The Batman diaper (Little American Pocket Diaper) will likely be used as a swim diaper because we're having some odd leaking... maybe wicking? I might give it another shot first.

You can see the new hanging wetbag in this picture. We recently went to Ikea and I found these baskets I love. Originally, they were going to be for the changing table... but they don't fit. So I decided to use them for clothes. The left is pants/shorts he can probably fit into, and the right is anything that is a long way from being worn.

Can you think of anything else I can do with these? I have cats that love to scratch, so I'm hesitant to place them out in the open.

(Note on the weigh ins... I haven't been doing anything to lose weight lately. Super slacker here.)


  1. Diaper stash posts always seem to make my day! There is nothing more exciting than getting more diapers!!

    I am currently pregnant with my first and I have started building my stash. What kind of diapers worked best for your newborn??

    The baskets could be used for dirty laundry? If the cats won't get to where you put your laundry. Just a thought!

    1. We loved Kissaluv fitteds (size 0), they fit immediately on the smallest setting, and still fit on the largest.
      They also contain all that newborn poop, which I've found prefolds don't do as well.
      We did laundry every day until the cord stump fell off so we could just use those, so I wish we had more. After a week, we started using BumGenius 3.0's in size small (they discontinued these while I was pregnant). Those also are still fitting.
      If you're using cloth wipes, be sure to have a lot. We didn't have enough. I ended up cutting an old T-shirt to use as additional wipes.

      Thanks for the idea! My husband has taken the laundry basket meant for Evan's clothes to use for other stuff!

      Congrats on your pregnancy. :)

  2. Hi There,

    Found you via Sunday Stalker and I really like your blog. Hubby and I will be looking to start a family, probably within the next year. In some ways it is very scary and I find that I love reading mommy blogs.

    I'm following now via google connect. Follow back at

    1. In a lot of ways it is scary, but I'd do it again. ;)

  3. BUilding a stash is so much fun! I went to take a picture of mine the other day and was surprised by the amount of diapers I own! And about 1/4 of them I won which makes those some of my fav's.

    Following you from SSS hop on GFC, FB and Twitter. (Mommy of One and Counting)