Friday, March 30, 2012

Milestones: Rolling and Grabbing!

Evan first rolled back in December. I was returning a Redbox movie, and Eddie was home with him. He decided to give him tummy time, and wham! Well, we couldn't recreate it, so we decided it was a fluke. However, in a month, he did it again! He was on his tummy on the Boppy in the crib while I used the bathroom, and he hit the side of the crib. And started screaming. Then, he did it again. He was having tummy time on the Boppy in the crib, while I put away diapers.
Then he stopped. Those are all probably flukes, right?
Well, no more flukes. Tonight, after his diaper, I gave him tummy time in the crib. He was trying to roll, but I had laid him down awkwardly. I moved his hand out from under him, and he rolled to his side. That wasn't good enough, so he kept trying.
Next thing I knew, he was on his back! I was so excited.

And on Tuesday, March 27th...


That ladybug plays music if you pull it. I wasn't paying attention, and then all of a sudden I heard it go off. I looked and there he was! He did it a few times, so I was able to snap a ton of pictures. Evan was so excited at his new discovery! He has since taken to holding other toys on occasion.

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