Saturday, March 31, 2012

Wahmies Wetbag Review & Giveaway (4/1 - 4/14)


Wetbags are a necessary part of cloth diapering, but they can be used for so much more than that. Other uses for wet bags can include swim gear, dirty clothes, makeup, and more. The convenience of a wetbag while traveling is endless.

Greenie Beanie Bottoms sent me a Wahmies wetbag to review, and they'll send one to a lucky winner as well.

First, let me start off by saying that I absolutely love this print. It is just so pretty, I wish I had other things in the same fabric! I immediately could tell the wetbag was a good quality one, just from touching it. It's thicker and almost seems better than my Planetwise to the touch. I couldn't wait to try it out!
One of the first things I did was compare size. I have a medium Planetwise wetbag, so I lined the two up to see how they compared.

Wahmies regular size wet bag over Planetwise medium wetbag.
The Wahmies wetbag is only slightly smaller than the Planetwise, measuring at 13" by 15". Perfect.
They say it can hold 6-8 diapers, and it definitely did for us with newborn and then one-sized diapers. If you have a toddler in a larger size, it may not hold quite that many.
One feature that this wetbag comes with is a small piece of fabric inside, meant to put an essential oil on to keep it from getting stinky. I haven't needed to add any essential oils because this bag can keep the stench of dirty diapers inside for days if you let it! I know this because I let it stew a couple days, and it didn't let out the slightest odor, while zipped.


Totally leak proof - for both smell and water!
Small and convenient for travel - but can also work for part-time home use.
Swatch of fabric for essential oils to keep smells away.
Cute designs.


Slightly smaller than Planetwise medium wetbag, if you need just a little extra room.
Not as many designs to choose from.
No handle on this size (their larger one does have a handle though). 

Buy It

You can buy the Wahmies regular wetbag here for $16.50 from Greenie Beanie Bottoms. They have free shipping on all orders!

Win it

The winner will get to choose from any of the prints that are in stock for a regular size Wahmies wetbag.
Must be 18+ and have an address within the United States to enter.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Milestones: Rolling and Grabbing!

Evan first rolled back in December. I was returning a Redbox movie, and Eddie was home with him. He decided to give him tummy time, and wham! Well, we couldn't recreate it, so we decided it was a fluke. However, in a month, he did it again! He was on his tummy on the Boppy in the crib while I used the bathroom, and he hit the side of the crib. And started screaming. Then, he did it again. He was having tummy time on the Boppy in the crib, while I put away diapers.
Then he stopped. Those are all probably flukes, right?
Well, no more flukes. Tonight, after his diaper, I gave him tummy time in the crib. He was trying to roll, but I had laid him down awkwardly. I moved his hand out from under him, and he rolled to his side. That wasn't good enough, so he kept trying.
Next thing I knew, he was on his back! I was so excited.

And on Tuesday, March 27th...


That ladybug plays music if you pull it. I wasn't paying attention, and then all of a sudden I heard it go off. I looked and there he was! He did it a few times, so I was able to snap a ton of pictures. Evan was so excited at his new discovery! He has since taken to holding other toys on occasion.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Stash Update

Our camera recently stopped working. We bought a new one, but it didn't come with a memory card and isn't compatible with the one from the other camera. So, we have a memory card on the way.

This picture was taken after the old camera died, but before the new one arrived. That means, this picture was taken with my phone!

Since taking this picture, we've gotten a second hanging wetbag (the first isn't in the photo), new wipes from Sweetbobbins, bamboo inserts, and three Monkey Snuggles fitteds. We have another Monkey Snuggles fitted on the way, along with wool! So excited.
We don't use the Lovely Pocket diapers (bottom left) or the Happy Heiny's (bottom right). The fitted and prefolds on the bottom are newborn, so they are out of use as well. The Batman diaper (Little American Pocket Diaper) will likely be used as a swim diaper because we're having some odd leaking... maybe wicking? I might give it another shot first.

You can see the new hanging wetbag in this picture. We recently went to Ikea and I found these baskets I love. Originally, they were going to be for the changing table... but they don't fit. So I decided to use them for clothes. The left is pants/shorts he can probably fit into, and the right is anything that is a long way from being worn.

Can you think of anything else I can do with these? I have cats that love to scratch, so I'm hesitant to place them out in the open.

(Note on the weigh ins... I haven't been doing anything to lose weight lately. Super slacker here.)