Sunday, November 11, 2012

We Got The Funk: Ammonia

I've been far to busy to post. But I'm posting in an effort to vent, and record what we've tried so far.

Our diapers have a bad case of ammonia. It's just the overnight diapers though... the fitteds in regular rotation. We've changed up our wash routine a few times... we use eco nuts, eco sprout, or a combination. We've used borax and washing soda. We've added a vinegar rinse. And the last thing we tried was bleach. Bleach improved things tremendously - but we still have it.

Right now, Evan gets coated in CJ's before bedtime (which is a life saver!!), and we have to use a fleece liner. The fleece liner is new as of last night, and I'm hoping it helps until we get the whole thing figured out. Starting tomorrow, I will rinse all overnight diapers... maybe wet pail them. I've read of using fish tank ammonia neutralizer. Those are next on our list of things to do.

I wouldn't mind so much if Evan didn't wake up screaming every night throughout the night (when he usually sleeps through the night) and bleeding from the penis. Do you know how scary it is when your baby is bleeding from the penis? Holy crap.

Hopefully I will report back with good news!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Can't Deny It

I can no longer deny it. Evan is growing.

He is no longer the tiny baby he was...He has outgrown his infant carseat!

1. The day he came home from the hospital, 2. April - random nap, 3. Aug 25, saying goodbye!

I don't know how this happened. He's outgrowing all of his clothes too... And we've had to change the settings on his diapers. This can't be happening! He's still a bitty baby, right?!
We put him in it to figure out where to set the straps to.
We chose the MyRide so that we could have him rear-facing as long as possible. I'm really excited about this carseat - and Evan loves it too. He sleeps great in it, and isn't nearly as fussy, even when tired. He didn't mind the infant one exactly, but it was a tight fit to get in and out of, that is for sure!
I can see this one lasting us for a long time! It's a shame we didn't switch sooner, because no we don't get to use the infant insert with it. He's too big for it!
At least he looks like a bitty baby again in it. :)

Coming soon: CJ's review and giveaway, and a zoo trip! Among other things.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Forever in our hearts

This is a hard post to write.

I'm a part of a December '11 mom's group, and one of our own recently lost her sweet baby boy, Milo.
Sadly, his death was a tragic accident -- entirely preventable. Becky and her husband did everything they could do, and responsibly had him safely buckled into his rear-facing car seat. However, two other drivers mistakes led to the death of 6 month old Milo Fletcher.
One driver had an unsecured item fall into the road -- a cooler. Becky's husband braked, and they were rear-ended by another driver, who wasn't paying quite enough attention. Their car was totaled, and their little boy was pronounced dead at the hospital.

There are many lessons to be learned from this horrible incident.

Please, secure all items you are traveling with. Take the extra minute.
Not only that, but pay the utmost attention while driving. There are precious lives in all those cars around you. Don't text and drive, don't make a phone call, don't take your eyes off the road. Limit all distractions. Do everything you can to be safe.

Lastly, cherish the time you have with your own family. Cuddle your baby a bit closer. Take a video of your children playing. Be sure to snap plenty of photos.

The article about Milo's death.
Donation site -- extra money will be donated to a carseat charity.
Remembrance group on Facebook.

If you want to do something for Becky and her family, please e-mail me at -- I have their address and can forward any cards or gifts.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

6 months already?

 Evans 6 months appointment was today (despite the fact that he's closer to 7 months than 6 at this point...) and we got his stats.

15 lbs 13 oz (12%), 26 1/2" (39%) and a head circumference of 17 1/2" (60%).
Our pediatrician wants us to up his solids so he has 3 "meals" a day, plus snacks. That's going to be difficult, but I suppose we can manage.

He's sitting great, rolling everywhere, and attempting to crawl.
 These photos were taken at my nieces first birthday party earlier this month. Conveniently, her and Evan are a few days shy of 6 months apart. The party was at a park, so it was perfect for pictures. We also got a big print of one where Evan is sitting in the grass. I plan on getting some frames and putting some photos up on the wall in a collage.

Also, ever since Lily's birthday, I've been thinking about Evan's. Yes, I know, it's almost 6 months away... but I've got plans. I figure if we start planning now, we can spread out the purchases, and it should go much smoother. I've already made up some invitations too. :)

Saturday, May 5, 2012

#cbsnap Days 2, 3 and 5

I skipped day #4 because it was retail therapy, and I didn't go shopping. I had some ideas, but didn't feel like staging a fake shopping spree.

Butternut is the color of his diaper.

My dinner that night.

Evan reaching a milestone.

Today, day 5, Evan rolled over from back to belly for the first time, and that is what is captured in the last photo. I was so excited. Much more excited than when he rolled from belly to back. Also, today is MIL's birthday... so happy birthday! :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Photo Challenge: Day One, Cotton


I decided to use my 2nd year anniversary gift to go with today's word: Cotton. My wedding anniversary was fairly recent (April 19th), and my husband got me a customized cotton pillow case. And of course, I included the baby in his BumGenius diaper (by Cotton Babies).

The Photo


Two Outtakes

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Great Cloth Diaper Change

This was our first cloth diaper change. We attended the one in Ann Arbor, Michigan - held by the Little Seedling. I didn't think to take pictures of the goodie bags, but they were inside Grovia Wetbags! How neat.

Evan was overtired. I'm not sure if he even slept during the long drive...


We changed him into a Grovia all-in-one (which matched his shirt) in hopes that we would win a diaper from Grovia. Above, I am taking a picture of Evan in the diaper so that my husband can send the e-mail immediately... However, we had many technical difficulties, and had to resend today. Hopefully we were still one of the first 1000!

Evan got to interact with his uncle, and be held by his uncle afterwards because we stopped by to see them for a bit. They live in the general area.

He eventually fell asleep, but when I went to move him, my hair fell on him.

He got to play with and interact with his cousin who is 6 months older. She tried to pet him, repeatedly... He tried to touch her.

She couldn't get close enough to him! At one point he nommed on her head, but that picture was a complete blur. Taking pictures of babies is tough!

She stuck her hand in his mouth and tried to hug him. I can't wait until they see eachother again.

All in all, it was a good day. We can't wait for next years diaper change! It would be awesome if my niece could have come, she is in cloth, but they use a diaper service... so not really a "known brand" there.