Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

 Evan was 2 weeks old at Christmas, so at the advice of my mother - I didn't do much. He didn't have a special outfit, he didn't get any "My First Christmas" stuff... I got him a rattle, and a couple tiny board books. Eddie and I got one gift for eachother each (he got me a nursing tank, and I got him a new cordless kettle).
It was lame, and I really regret it. I always go all out for Christmas. It's a big deal.

So I decided Easter would make up for it.

Evan generally sleeps great at night, but getting him to bed for the night is a pain - and he won't nap for the life of him usually. So we got him the soothing sounds giraffe, and a couple Lullaby Renditions CD's to help. Hopefully. We also got a bowl and plate to start solids, a rattle from IKEA, a hanging thing from IKEA to put stuffed animals in, an O-ball, some teethers, and a couple extra crib sheets.

We aren't going to my family's dinner for a few reasons, so we're going to take some pictures in his Easter outfit. If all goes well, those will be posted soon too.

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  1. Such a little cutie! I had to go all out for the holidays last year, even though she was too young to remember. It's just fun to do when they are so little. Following you on GFC, twitter and facebook from SSS hop.
    Mommy of One and Counting (