Monday, January 2, 2012

Cloth Diapers: 3 week Update

Our original plan was to cloth diaper at the hospital,  but that didn't work out. Evan was whisked away to the NICU (they said only for an hour to monitor him, but it was longer than that) - then he was brought to me for the first time, and taken back again. I didn't get him back again until after 3am.

Needless to say, my goal of keeping disposables off of him didn't work, because he wasn't even with me. We decided to leave him in disposables for the rest of our stay, and we took the remaining disposables home, and used them each time we brought him back for Bili checks, or other appointments. However, he was in cloth from his first diaper change at home, and we loved it. We stopped using disposables on trips out once his cord stump fell off, so we can put him in BumGenius 3.0 size smalls (not meant for newborns) on trips to the doctor and anywhere they will want to take his diaper off.

He currently goes through 11 newborn fitteds, 5 BumGenius All-in-Ones, 1 Best Bottom (with 3 inserts), 1 small (can be sized up some) Pocket/All-in-Two. This can be as many as 21 diapers, or as few as 18, depending on if our All-in-Two shells are salvageable after changes. As of last night, we've begun using prefolds as well (we didn't feel comfortable with them when he had a cord stump, or even when his belly button was healing after it came off). We have 16 prefolds.

We are currently doing laundry mostly every day, because he goes through so many diapers. We may change him a tad bit more than necessary though. Better safe than sorry.

After a full day of diapering (since laundry was done), his bag was nearly full.
We're also using cloth wipes. We have 10 Spasilk baby washcloths, 3 random baby washcloths, and 7 bamboo velour/flannel wipes. The velour/flannel are our favorite, but they all get the job done.

Our favorite wipes, which we only realized we loved because we got this one as a freebie on Black Friday.

The wipe solution we're currently using, but I use so much that I'll have to get the concentrated version next time.
We also have three Kawaii Pure & Natural - but Evan is lean, so they don't fit yet.

It overlaps very minorly, but not enough to hold. Oh well, maybe soon.
And Evan's first time in a prefold:

Pardon the shadows, he was starting to be squirmy because I took too long with the pictures!

Overall we love the diapers right now. We have only had one leak, which was a BG all-in-one that wasn't on tight enough. User error.

Next time around we will get more fitteds though, because they fold down for the cord stump and we find them bulletproof.

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