Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fluff Stash

We've decided to cloth diaper. This means we have to buy things now, so that we can save money later. It also means that we get to pick out cute designs and patterns for diapers.

I think we're pretty much set on newborn-sized, but we would like to get some newborn AIO (all-in-one) diapers to make life easier. If we don't get around to it, that's fine though. We'll make do. (What is an AIO? Click here.)

All of the following photos were taken as I sorted diapers for prepping, hence so many grouped photos.

Our "stash" consists of the following:
These were what I received from the December mom gift swap. A joey-bunz insert/doubler, and a medium Planet Wise wetbag for use when out and about. Love it!

16 small prefolds, misc microfiber inserts for various pocket diapers, 5 BumGenius 3.0 size small, 10 Kissaluv size 0, one Dappi fitted size small

2 Econobum one-size prefolds, and the joey-bunz insert again (because these are new and got boiled before going into the wash)

Working from bottom to top - 5 BumGenius 4.0 One-Size Pockets (they were seconds which means they have small "flaws" and came with no insert), 2 Lovely Pocket Diapers (one has monkeys, hearts and bananas, the other is just polka-dots), and one Little American Pocket Diaper (Batman-themed, and my husband's favorite - he even "stalked" and bought it)

Two Econobum one-size covers, one "La-Di-Da" cover size small.

5 Happy Heiny Pocket Diapers

2 FuzziBunz pockets, size medium.

The wetbag again, and our only cloth wipe - organic, by Kissaluv.

12 BumGenius 3.0 AIO size small - bought used, and not sure if we will use them as they require minor repairs before use.

Most of this was bought used, then we had a lot of sale purchases. Only the Little American Batman diaper, and the two Lovely Pocket Diapers were bought without a sale.

We also have some more on the way:
2 Bummis Whisper Wraps size newborn, 1 unknown brand cover size xs, 1 Ceilidh cloth fitted size newborn, 3 cricketts fitteds size newborn, and 1 Sage Pocket size 1.

This brings our total to:
The newborn stage: 14 newborn fitteds, 4 newborn/small/x-small covers, 16 newborn prefolds (I'd rather just use these as inserts...), 1 pocket that can be used on a newborn
"In-Between" newborn and one-size: 5 BG 3.0 AIO's that we will use, and another 12 that we may not
One-sized: 2 prefolds, 13 pockets, 2 covers
Medium: 2 pockets

Misc: 1 medium wetbag, 1 cloth wipe, 1 joey-bunz insert, 15 pocket inserts (multiple sizes)

Must get still: A pack of snappis to secure prefolds, inserts (we want these, and more joey-bunz), more one-size (unless I want to do diaper laundry every day), preferably some newborn AIO (though this isn't needed at all), at least 1 hanging wetbag, and definitely a lot more wipes!

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