Friday, July 6, 2012

Forever in our hearts

This is a hard post to write.

I'm a part of a December '11 mom's group, and one of our own recently lost her sweet baby boy, Milo.
Sadly, his death was a tragic accident -- entirely preventable. Becky and her husband did everything they could do, and responsibly had him safely buckled into his rear-facing car seat. However, two other drivers mistakes led to the death of 6 month old Milo Fletcher.
One driver had an unsecured item fall into the road -- a cooler. Becky's husband braked, and they were rear-ended by another driver, who wasn't paying quite enough attention. Their car was totaled, and their little boy was pronounced dead at the hospital.

There are many lessons to be learned from this horrible incident.

Please, secure all items you are traveling with. Take the extra minute.
Not only that, but pay the utmost attention while driving. There are precious lives in all those cars around you. Don't text and drive, don't make a phone call, don't take your eyes off the road. Limit all distractions. Do everything you can to be safe.

Lastly, cherish the time you have with your own family. Cuddle your baby a bit closer. Take a video of your children playing. Be sure to snap plenty of photos.

The article about Milo's death.
Donation site -- extra money will be donated to a carseat charity.
Remembrance group on Facebook.

If you want to do something for Becky and her family, please e-mail me at -- I have their address and can forward any cards or gifts.


  1. It's so sad. But I'm thankful to be a part of our amazing group of women!

  2. That's absolutely heartbreaking. I'm so sad for them. I'll be keeping them in my thoughts and prayers.