Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Great Cloth Diaper Change

This was our first cloth diaper change. We attended the one in Ann Arbor, Michigan - held by the Little Seedling. I didn't think to take pictures of the goodie bags, but they were inside Grovia Wetbags! How neat.

Evan was overtired. I'm not sure if he even slept during the long drive...


We changed him into a Grovia all-in-one (which matched his shirt) in hopes that we would win a diaper from Grovia. Above, I am taking a picture of Evan in the diaper so that my husband can send the e-mail immediately... However, we had many technical difficulties, and had to resend today. Hopefully we were still one of the first 1000!

Evan got to interact with his uncle, and be held by his uncle afterwards because we stopped by to see them for a bit. They live in the general area.

He eventually fell asleep, but when I went to move him, my hair fell on him.

He got to play with and interact with his cousin who is 6 months older. She tried to pet him, repeatedly... He tried to touch her.

She couldn't get close enough to him! At one point he nommed on her head, but that picture was a complete blur. Taking pictures of babies is tough!

She stuck her hand in his mouth and tried to hug him. I can't wait until they see eachother again.

All in all, it was a good day. We can't wait for next years diaper change! It would be awesome if my niece could have come, she is in cloth, but they use a diaper service... so not really a "known brand" there.


  1. How fun! We have that same blue giraffe best bottoms as well :)

  2. aww...poor little guy! My little one was overtired too!. I have those babylegs too:-) Great post!